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Hello friends.

Here is a short testimony I heard from some relatives this week.

19.May 2015

A short testimony which occurred a few days ago in Romania.

A church minister was driving his car and he saw an old man walking along the road. He stopped and asked him if he wants a ride ? He was willing and got into the car. After the car startet moving again, the old man asked the driver "Do you know what happened yesterday in haven"?

The old man continued saying, yesterday God was very angry upon mankind, and he ordered the angels to bring the trumpets, because HE is no more willing to take the injustice in the world, and that even the church pastors are leading the churches more and more into the world instead out of the world.

Then suddenly as the angels already took the trumpets, Jesus appeared before God and bowed down to the ground and pleading his father saying; " Father have compassion /mercy on them, have I given my life in vain "?,  and blood was flowing out of his side where he was wounded. The Father answered: I cant't take seeing all the suffering any longer, and want to punish them.  But I will give one last chance. Than Jesus told these angels, go hurry and tell the people that my coming is very very close.

Hearing all this, the driver stopped the car and asked the old man "how could you know that this happened yesterday in haven" ? The old man replied, because I am one of these angels who got the orders. After saying this he disappeared .

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